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The Structure of the Institute  and  Research Methodology

Compared to the physical sciences, social sciences are more stochastic and of a chaotic structure in mathematical terms. They mainly rely on history, and lack, to a large extent experimental and laboratory research. "Model" studies carry some degree of significance, insofar as they reflect "the real world". 

The economic structure, history, culture, civilization and geostrategic position of a country are determinant factors in the setting of goals. The process of analyzing problems, evaluating strategies and formulating policies evolves around these factors. The scope of scientific research should cover, with a transdisciplinary approach, the conditions under which decision makers operate, their backgrounds, methods they utilize in problem solving, decision-making and implementation that involve variables. Mathematics, engineering, medicine, biology, strategy evaluation, economics, history, sociology, politics, cognitive human mentality and behavior and aesthetics all occupy a place in this chaotic and complex process. The unavoidable task in the decision-making process and in determining the observable reality is the use of a transdisciplinary approach in viewing the operation of the system as a whole, defining the significant variables within the system, evaluating and quantifying them, when possible, within the whole, with much attention to uncertainty and inconceivability. 

It is the aim of the Institute of World Systems, Economies and Strategic Research to create an efficient transdisciplinary research interaction among academicians and decision makers within public and private sectors at international, national, sectoral and corporate level on problem analysis and pointing out the main variables of the observed conditions to design and explore options and to facilitate effective decision-making.

Professor Orhan Güvenen
Institute Founder, Director, Professor of Strategic Decision Systems, Econometrics and International  Economics 

UYDYO, Main Campus
Bilkent University, 06800 Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey.
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